• Hard Water Sources

    Posted on May 2, 2012 by in News

    As I mention in my last post about debis collecting on windows, I’m addressing some of the sources of hard water today. The most common source of hard water is SPRINKLERS.  Everyone who waters their lawn runs a risk of collection hard water in a hurry on their windows.  The best thing to do to prevent this is to make sure your sprinklers are aimed away from the windows as much as possible. A slight breeze can carry water from the sprinklers to the windows.  I clean windows on some homes about once a month during the summer and their sprinklers do not hit the windows directly but they always have some hard water beginning to build on them.  It does not take long at all for windows to begin generating hard water stains.  The second most common source of hard water is spraying your windows off with your garden hose.  This is a big NO NO.  If you do this, you are spraying the windows directly with the same water that is coming out of your sprinklers.  The third biggest source of hard water is rain run-off.  Rain falls and runs off your roof, side of your house, and down your windows.  During this process this water collects chemicals, dirt, bug feces, paint, etc. and desposits these things on your windows and builds and builds over time.  That’s NASTY when you think about all the things that are on your windows that you look through EVERY DAY.  Contact us to clean those dirty windows OFTEN!

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