• Picking the right window cleaner

    Posted on July 25, 2012 by in News

    Homeowners and business owners must INVESTIGATE who to use for their window cleaning.  I was talking with someone just the other day who hired someone do work on their home who was not insured, did not wear a company uniform, etc.  because they were a little cheaper than competitors they had give them bids. While the economy is down there are people willing to do anything to get a dollar whether it be in Logan, UT or Atlanta, GA.  Make sure you pick someone who is properly licensed with the state, feds, and city municipality.  Also, if they have ANY employees make sure they have workman’s compensation insurance to cover them in the case of accident/injury. Finally, they MUST have liability insurance.  This will save you from having to try and get the money to replace a broken window, hole in the wall from a ladder, or any other property damage made by your window cleaners.  Accidents DO happen!! 5 Star Window Cleaning has ALL of these insurances and safety requirements to ensure your piece of mind as well as our personal safety. Be careful out there 🙂

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