Window Screen Repair Logan

Window Screen Repair Logan

Window screens are very helpful and useful for ventilation and comfort when at home or work. However, between the voles, box elder bugs, grasshoppers, and other critters they get holes chewed in them and need repaired to be functional. After time they also become brittle due to sun exposure and time.

When to do window screen repair in Logan? Anytime during the year is a great time to replace or repair window screens in Logan. Most people think more about window screen repair in Logan during the spring and summer months when they think about opening the windows again. Keep in mind though window screens can be repaired or replaced any time during the year.

What is the window screen made from? Typically the normal window screen material is a fiberglass mesh. Under normal conditions this will be the recommended option for window screen repair in Logan. For heavy duty protection from voles, squirrels, and other larger critters we normally recommend an aluminum material. Using this metal we can better ensure the durability of the screen. Under most conditions this is adequate to prevent the window screen from getting holes in it from bugs, voles, or critters.

What if I don’t have time to pull the window screen, take it to town and drop it off, and go into town again to pick it up? NO PROBLEM! 5 Star Window Cleaning offers on-site services. Most of the time we can bring the supplies with us, if we know ahead of time, and we can take care of it right at your home. We can pull the window screen or door screen, repair it, and install it back in the window or door for you.

Do you make new screens? I have a window that is completely missing a screen and need to get a new one made. Most of the time the answer is YES. However, there are some screen fame materials that we do not carry and may need to go to another source to find. If we can make new ones for you we will do that and delivery them to you as well or bring the supplies with us.

If you need window or door screen repair in Logan, please contact us via our make appointment page and let us know how we can help.