Window Washing Bear Lake

Window Washing Bear lake

Why do window washing in Bear Lake? Bear Lake is an area where we typically see all 4 seasons. We get rain, sleet, snow, mud and dust storms, and inversion. Window washing is essential when it comes to protecting your windows from these elements. If your windows are left uncleaned they will build up permanent water spots which will ruin your windows.  Window washing in Bear Lake is highly beneficial because you get to enjoy the clean windows and environment and pay a little as you go rather than not cleaning them and not seeing through them and having to pay for new windows when you want them to be clear again.

Keeping the view of the Bear Lake and the stunning views is why you own or rent a cabin/home in Bear Lake to begin with. Remember this is one of the most important things about Bear Lake. We can help!

When washing windows in Bear Lake be sure to know what ladders and equipment it is going to take to reach them safely.  Usually building in Bear Lake have high windows and they are shaped to fit the style of the building making them a little more difficult to clean. If you are washing windows in Bear Lake with windex or any spray and wipe type of cleaner you will be creating a film on the window that will collect dirt and dust quicker. Usually window washing with these types of cleaners also leaves smears and streaks. The best way to do window washing in Bear Lake is to use a squeegee. Squeegees cut through all the film layers and leave the window streak free when used properly.

What time of year is best for window washing in Bear Lake? 5 Star Window Cleaning performs window washing services during all spring, summer, and fall. When the snow falls there is generally a lot that falls in Bear Lake, which makes it very unsafe to climb on ladders and clean the windows. Usually the temperature isn’t a problem but when safety becomes an issue we will wait until it is safe for us to perform the job.

How many times a year should I wash windows in Bear Lake? The answer to this is completely up to you and what your level of cleanliness requires. 5 Star Window Cleaning caters to each person’s and/or business’s needs. We suggest washing windows in Bear Lake 2-3 times during the spring to fall time of year when people are over there on vacation or renting facilities.  For those of you renting cabins, keeping the place clean and allowing them to fully enjoy the view is what will inspire them to tell their friends and bring them back to rent year after year.

Why should I use 5 Star Window Cleaning and not some guy that knocks on my door? Most other window washers do not have insurance, licensing, or experience to perform the job correctly and safely. 5 Star Window Cleaning is a legitimate business with all the proper licensing, insurance, knowledge, and experience to ensure you get the best service available. 5 Star Window Cleaning has been in business in Logan since 2005 and offers more than just a window washing service. They will be able to help save you time, money, and headache by doing additional services while they are washing windows on your property.

If you are looking for window washing in Bear Lake, we are your solution. All you need to do is make an appointment by going to our make appointment page. Hope to see you soon.