• Some tricks to cleaning hard water off your windows

    Posted on May 16, 2012 by in News

    Last time we talked about some of the major sources of hard water.  Now I’m going to talk about a few tricks to cleaning windows with hard water. The top two commonly used non-acidic methods are using a razor blade and the other is vinegar.  I, personally, stay away from razor blades unless I can’t get the window cleaned without it.  If you use a razor blade, be sure to wet the window down well and DON’T push too hard with the razor.  By pushing too hard you can scratch the glass VERY EASILY.  Go over the glass a few times with a more delicate stroke in a way that you will be taking off layers at a time and not the whole thing in one try.  The angle of the razor is critical also because too steep of an angle will prevent the blade from gliding along the surface and too flat of an angle angle will prevent the blade from removing any hard water.  Practice makes perfect when it comes to razor blades.  Now on to vinegar.  Wet the window down and apply a liberal amount of vinegar on the window and allow it to sit permeate the calcium deposits.  There are specific window cleaning pads/scrubbers that can be purchased at any cleaning store that are designed to use on glass.  Use one of these pads on the window after the vinegar has had a minute to soak in.  After scrubbing the whole window, go ahead and squeegee the window clean.  Those are the two most common ways of removing hard water.

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